giovedì 29 marzo 2007

jApaN's eye

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Sah's Brain ha detto...

Hey Thanks for visiting my blog Benwithcappuccino! It's so wonderful and cool to meet new artists and people curious about art! It's amazing the amount of really talented individuals out there! Really inspiring! Your illustrations are amazing! It's cool the range of style you have. Comic school?!?! Then I definitely can't wait to see your book! Peace!

benwithcappuccino ha detto...

thanks to visit my blog too!!I know, there are a lot of artists so THANKS TO THE BLOGGER that allow us to see so many talents!!!It's fantastic this kind of sharing to see the different styles around the world!!
Yes, is a comic's project concern only 10-12 pages colour with ecoline(for a portfolio)..I don't know if I can achieve at these number, for the moment I have the storyboard of 5 pages..
but I still working on this! so..
THanks for the comment and again..compliments for your beautiful design!

Tomas ha detto...

mi sorprendi sempre!!!

...e mi lasci senza parole...qualsiasi cosa io possa dire risulterebbe banale!!

mi riesce solo dirti...GRRRAAAAAAAAAZIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

benwithcappuccino ha detto...

dai!!! che mi fai arrossire!!!

..sempre in attesa dei tuoi aggiornamenti..


yop-BB ha detto...

these are great!!!!

benwithcappuccino ha detto...

thankssss yop!you're welcome!

arzu ha detto...

beautiful work!

benwithcappuccino ha detto...

thanks so much arzu !! :D
yuo're welcome..